Photos of ICA Evacuation & Subsequent Events

September 2002

The photos provided were taken by the Gruddas with a few by Bob & Lois Gillespie and Chris & Diane Marine.

 - Campus during Lockdown - Picture of the pickup truck is the guys going around to siphon fuel for the generator and vehicles.

 - Dorms during Lockdown - The first group of pictures is primarily in Bethlehem dorm where the Crisis Management team & their families were housed (Timothy & Eliz Carden, Evan and Jewel Evans, Mike & Deleen Cousineau, Dan & Nancy Grudda and Brenda Allen. Mike, Evan, and Dan were rarely there). These are activities the kids did ot keep themselves occupied. The picture of the guys playing Monopoly is Brethren. For the women in a circle on the floor & kids in a circle playing cards, it looks like we're having a good time but this is actually our debriefing 1 hour after the shooting on Monday night, the 23rd

 - French Troops

 - Closure Time - Pictures of closure time in the gym on Tuesday night Sept. 24, taken mostly by kids

 - Evacuation

 - US Special Ops in Yamo - Pictures in Yamo are at the New Tribes school. Soldiers in those pictures are U.S. Special Ops

 - Arrival at ICSA

 - Post-Events

November 2002

The photos provided were taken by Dan Grudda

 - Campus after Evacuation and under French control

June 2011

The photos provided were taken by William Haun

 - Campus after the war

CNN News Articles

The following links lead to CNN articles that were published from September 23-26, 2002.

Schoolchildren surrounded in Ivory Coast - Sept. 23 (cached)

U.S. forces to protect Americans in Ivory Coast - Sept 24 (cached)

U.S. students leaving Ivory Coast Thursday - Sept 25 (cached)

Cease-fire agreed in Ivory Coast - Sept 26 (cached)

Jeff Koinange: Students evacuated in Ivory Coast - Sept 26 (cached)

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